3 Tips for a High Impact Office

3 Tips for a High Impact Office

Prioritize color
Color is an important element in any office environment. It conveys a sense of ambiance that can affect your employees in a variety of ways.

If your office layout is infused with neutral grays and tans, employees may feel uninspired and sluggish for no apparent reason. If dark colors dominate your office space, employees may feel tired even first thing in the morning. Learn more about corrective tapes for your office!

This is not to say that you can never use neutral or dark colors. But dull colors don’t encourage creativity or concentration. That’s why modern office environments often incorporate bright colors into workspaces.

To keep your employees energized and engaged, brand your office with brightly colored areas.

Whether you organize different areas according to a particular color scheme or simply sprinkle pops of color throughout the office, studies show that varied bright hues give your team a boost and improve productivity, creativity and overall happiness.

There are countless ways to incorporate color, from desk accents to exposed steel to the furniture itself. The only limit is your imagination.

Make light work for you
No one wants to work all day under rows and rows of fluorescent lights. Most people will tell you that they respond better to natural light.

One solution to this is to place lots of windows in the office environment. Windows let in natural light and help reduce the need for electric lighting (thus saving the company money).

Unfortunately, not all offices have enough windows for everyone to work without a lamp. At night or on cloudy days, you may have to turn on fluorescent lights in order to work.

However, you can set up those lights so that you control how many you use at any given time. You may only need one or two throughout the office, or one in the quiet work area and one in the collaboration area.

Another solution is to incorporate new technologies that allow your office lighting to mimic the natural light outside. And that natural light changes as the day progresses.

Adaptive lighting automatically changes according to the time of day. In the morning, it emits cooler tones, while in the evening, it emits warmer tones. This can help your team maintain their energy levels and concentration even when the weather is dreary.

Include natural elements
Want your team to feel happier, more comfortable and more productive while working? Include natural elements in your office environment.

Natural accents, such as exposed concrete, brick, wood floors, wooden beams and painted steel, are simple, natural design elements that bring the outdoors in, boost morale and inspire your team to greatness.

Another simple way to enhance your workspace with natural elements is to include lots of plants-both large and small-around the office.

You can place a row of large plants to separate one work area from another and line window sills with smaller plants to break up all the hard, flat surfaces. You can even place a plant on every desk so everyone has their own natural inspiration.


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