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Elevate your productivity to new heights with our expert VA services. Our team specializes in streamlining operations, allowing you to focus on core business growth.

Bookkeeping & Reporting
Let our VAs take the reins on sorting expenses, ensuring bank and credit accounts are reconciled, bills are paid on time, and financial statements are crystal clear, all within regulatory compliance.
Document Creation & Review
From designing brand-aligned templates to meticulously drafting and proofreading emails, presentations, and reports, our VAs personalize each document to suit your unique business needs.
Event Planning & Management
Trust our VAs to navigate the complexities of event planning, from the initial concept to choosing vendors, promoting the event, and analyzing its success, guaranteeing a memorable experience.
HR Policy Building & Management
Our VAs are experts in creating detailed company handbooks, managing the recruitment process, and cultivating a supportive and inclusive workplace culture, all aligned with your organizational objectives.
Lead Generation & Management
Deploy our VAs to deploy effective prospecting techniques, identifying and nurturing potential leads with organized tracking to escalate your conversion rates.
Competitor Benchmarking
Rely on our VAs for in-depth competitor analysis, uncovering insights on product offerings, pricing strategies, and market reputation to sharpen your competitive advantage.
Email & Calendar Handling
Our VAs are adept at orchestrating expansive email outreach efforts and managing complex schedules, ensuring you’re always connected and punctual, regardless of time zone differences.
Vendor & Inventory Management
Allow our VAs to handle the intricacies of vendor negotiations, order processing, and inventory checks, bolstering your supply chain efficiency and profitability.
Social Media Management & Analytics
Engage our VAs to manage your social media landscape, from curating branded content to analyzing engagement metrics, enhancing your brand’s visibility and audience connection affordably.

We provide high quality & premium web services

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Eco Services
Eco Services

Combine seamlessly fitting layouts, customize everything.

Optimized Campaigns
Optimized Campaigns

Combine seamlessly fitting layouts, customize everything.

Competitive Prices
Competitive Prices

Combine seamlessly fitting layouts, customize everything.

Google Ads

We increase the conversions of your campaigns and decrease the cost per conversion.


Keeping an efficient communication with your audience is the most profitable way to capitalize your sales.

Social Media
Ads Campaigns

Each market and company positioning is different, that's why we develop tailor-made strategies.

Email Marketing Campaign

We develop and design responsive web pages, paying full attention to the user experience.


We combine social architecture strategies making a comprehensive analysis of the target buyer persona.

Branding & Graphic Design

In today's global world, top-notch design is indispensable if you want to position yourself.

Trusted by over 50,000 businesses of all sizes


We provide high quality & premium web services

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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We changed the way you build and create online stores.

Create stunning features with unlimited style possibilities.

Build Solid Ecosystems
Build Solid Ecosystems

Get Essentials today and start building next-generation websites.

Acquire New Customers
Acquire New Customers

Get Essentials today and start building next-generation websites.

Create Your own Store
Create Your own Store

Get Essentials today and start building next-generation websites.

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Achieve More, Worry Less with VAs

Say goodbye to administrative chaos and hello to unmatched efficiency with our expert virtual assistant services

Our campaigns

We apply three basic principles to develop our campaigns

Increase visibility
Increase visibility
This is the indispensable factor, since what is not seen is not sold.
Number of leads
Number of leads
We use different methods to obtain those prospects that will later become customers.
Benefit of our clients
Benefit of our clients
Once the objectives of the campaign have been defined, this benefit can be market positioning, leads or sales.
Multichannel marketing
Reach your audience through different digital channels
Customer portal
Access to our exclusive dashboard for customers
Technical support
We have first class customer service

How to Hire a Small Business Virtual Assistant?

At Tactical, we're dedicated to simplifying the outsourcing process. Say goodbye to navigating through endless spam and unqualified freelancers on platforms like UpWork. Our custom-tailored approach eliminates the uncertainty of offshore staffing, ensuring we match your business with the ideal agents.

Discovery Call
Understanding that each business has unique needs, we start with a personalized Discovery Call. This allows us to grasp your objectives and staffing needs thoroughly, offering guidance on how to maximize the benefits of your offshore team.
Candidate Screening and Testing
Our recruitment team handpicks a shortlist of the finest candidates based on your specific needs. Candidates undergo a technical assessment of their computer and internet capabilities, along with standardized tests in English language proficiency, logic, and numerical aptitude.
Client Interview and Testing
After rigorous screening, we arrange a video interview for you with the top candidates. Our recruitment service is entirely free with no strings attached—we only bill you for the actual hours worked by agents once they commence work.
Admin & Account Management
We consolidate all worked hours into a single, clear invoice each month, making admin and account management seamless and straightforward for you.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Tactical's Virtual Assistant Services

From individual entrepreneurs to global corporations, Tactical is scaling and providing quality labor solutions efficiently, at a fraction of local hiring costs

Tactical sets the standard in the outsourcing industry, going above and beyond client expectations with the latest technology and affordable, scalable solutions customized for every client's specific requirements.
Whether you're looking for part-time support or a dedicated full-time Virtual Assistant (or even part-time to better fit your needs), we have the perfect solution. We ensure each assistant is specifically chosen to meet your unique needs. With our service, you'll consistently collaborate with the same person, fostering a solid relationship and ensuring they deeply understand your business goals.

We look for virtual assistants who stand out with excellent English skills, a proactive approach to work, advanced education, and a friendly demeanor. We also ensure they have a quiet place to work, a top-tier computer, and the latest in cloud technology access.

Our virtual assistant services span a wide array of tasks, essentially limited only by your imagination and direction. We value exceptional time management above all, guaranteeing efficient task completion coupled with excellent communication abilities, both verbal and written. Before hiring, we meticulously evaluate their proficiency with commonly used tools.

The scope of what your VA can achieve is bound only by your creativity and the training you provide. Our VAs are skilled in handling everything from managing calendars and emails, conducting research, enhancing LinkedIn profiles for lead generation, to spreadsheet creation and management, website updates and audits, and improving online product listings. They excel in keeping communication with your clients timely and professional. Plus, if you have any special requests, just let them know, and they'll work diligently to meet your needs. 

Hiring virtual assistants through outsourcing brings a wealth of advantages. Many of these professionals are genuinely passionate about their roles, valuing the opportunity to work remotely, sidestep the daily commute, and maintain a work schedule that suits their lifestyle best. This passion often leads to high job satisfaction levels among virtual assistants at Tactical, ensuring your business benefits from motivated and happy support. Furthermore, the significant cost savings associated with employing virtual assistants can play a crucial role in facilitating your business's growth. An additional benefit is the mental relief that comes from delegating time-consuming tasks, freeing up your creativity. This newfound clarity can empower you to develop innovative ideas, enhancing your business's operations and driving more robust growth.

Our talent acquisition team diligently oversees candidate selection, employing state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your employees start and finish their work on time, preventing any unnecessary expenses. Tactical conducts thorough screenings and interviews, tailoring the process to meet your precise requirements and choosing the best fit for your company. Upon hiring, you're given the chance to set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) directly with your new employee, customizing their performance evaluation criteria to align with your business goals.
Certainly, we offer outsourcing services for part-time employees, customized to suit the specific requirements of your business or campaign, with a minimum commitment of 20 hours per week.
We handle it for you. If an employee isn't meeting your expectations or achieving the set KPIs, just inform us. We'll step in to manage their performance, and if necessary, proceed with termination and find a suitable replacement.
We take action on your behalf. Should any employee fall short of performance or fail to meet your KPIs, simply notify us. We'll assist in managing their performance, and if needed, we'll handle their termination and secure a replacement for you.
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