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Elevate your productivity to new heights with our expert VA services. Our team specializes in streamlining operations, allowing you to focus on core business growth.

Bookkeeping & Reporting
We categorize expenses, reconcile bank/credit accounts, process payables/receivables and generate financial statements for SMB cashflow clarity while ensuring diligent adherence to fiscal compliance standards.
Document Creation & Review
Our administrative assistants design, draft and proofread a wide variety of business documents – from branded templates, employee/customer-facing emails and presentations to research reports, how-to guides and website content with thoughtful personalization.
Event Planning & Management
Our skilled virtual event planners handle logistics across the event lifecycle – strategic visioning, vendor selection, promotion, on-site staffing, attendee communication and post-event analysis for ROI maximization.
HR Policy Building & Management
Our HR virtual assistants create company handbooks covering codes of conduct, compensation, evaluation protocols and diversity guidelines while managing talent acquisition, onboarding/offboarding and workplace culture development.
Lead Generation & Management
Utilizing proven prospecting strategies and workflows, we identify and qualify sales opportunities within target demographic segments, seamlessly logging interactions in PipeDrive, HubSpot and other platforms to boost deal conversion rates.
Competitor Benchmarking
We thoroughly research rival company product offerings/pricing, marketing messaging, customer feedback, web traffic, social proof validity and reputational standing to reveal competitive intelligence for sharper differentiation.
Email & Calendar Handling
We facilitate timely stakeholder communication via expansive email outreach campaigns while accurately scheduling meetings, appointments and deadlines across time zones in Outlook, GSuite or alternative calendaring programs.
Vendor & Inventory Management
From price/margin optimization to purchase order processing and stock level reconciling, we adeptly manage supplier relationships, purchasing and warehouse functions to strengthen small business supply chain operations.
Social Media Management & Analytics
We handle daily social media upkeep across networks – scheduling branded content, monitoring engagement, responding to followers and analyzing metrics – to build audience awareness and sentiment for SMBs without big marketing budgets.

We provide high quality & premium web services

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Eco Services
Eco Services

Combine seamlessly fitting layouts, customize everything.

Optimized Campaigns
Optimized Campaigns

Combine seamlessly fitting layouts, customize everything.

Competitive Prices
Competitive Prices

Combine seamlessly fitting layouts, customize everything.

Google Ads

We increase the conversions of your campaigns and decrease the cost per conversion.


Keeping an efficient communication with your audience is the most profitable way to capitalize your sales.

Social Media
Ads Campaigns

Each market and company positioning is different, that's why we develop tailor-made strategies.

Email Marketing Campaign

We develop and design responsive web pages, paying full attention to the user experience.


We combine social architecture strategies making a comprehensive analysis of the target buyer persona.

Branding & Graphic Design

In today's global world, top-notch design is indispensable if you want to position yourself.

Trusted by over 50,000 businesses of all sizes


We provide high quality & premium web services

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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We changed the way you build and create online stores.

Create stunning features with unlimited style possibilities.

Build Solid Ecosystems
Build Solid Ecosystems

Get Essentials today and start building next-generation websites.

Acquire New Customers
Acquire New Customers

Get Essentials today and start building next-generation websites.

Create Your own Store
Create Your own Store

Get Essentials today and start building next-generation websites.

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Achieve More, Worry Less with VAs

Say goodbye to administrative chaos and hello to unmatched efficiency with our expert virtual assistant services

Our campaigns

We apply three basic principles to develop our campaigns

Increase visibility
Increase visibility
This is the indispensable factor, since what is not seen is not sold.
Number of leads
Number of leads
We use different methods to obtain those prospects that will later become customers.
Benefit of our clients
Benefit of our clients
Once the objectives of the campaign have been defined, this benefit can be market positioning, leads or sales.
Multichannel marketing
Reach your audience through different digital channels
Customer portal
Access to our exclusive dashboard for customers
Technical support
We have first class customer service

How to Hire a Small Business Virtual Assistant?

At Tactical, we're dedicated to simplifying the outsourcing process. Say goodbye to navigating through endless spam and unqualified freelancers on platforms like UpWork. Our custom-tailored approach eliminates the uncertainty of offshore staffing, ensuring we match your business with the ideal agents.

Discovery Call
We know that every business is different which is why we take the time to understand your goals and resourcing requirements with a one-on-one Discovery Call, providing consultation and advice on getting the most out of your offshore team.
Candidate Screening and Testing
Based on your requirements, BruntWork’s recruitment team sources and selects for a shortlist of the top qualified candidates. We then perform a technical check of their computer and internet connection, as well as require the candidate to pass standardised English language, logic and numeric aptitude tests.
Client Interview and Testing
Only once we’ve screened and shortlisted the most suitable candidates will we set up a video call for you to interview. Our entire recruitment process is 100% free with no obligations – we only charge you once agents have started working and for the tracked hours they work
Admin & Account Management
We compile all timesheet hours and provide you with a single, straightforward invoice for the total hours worked each month.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Tactical's Virtual Assistant Services

From individual entrepreneurs to global corporations, Tactical is scaling and providing quality labor solutions efficiently, at a fraction of local hiring costs

Tactical leads the outsourcing industry by consistently exceeding client expectations, leveraging cutting-edge technology, and providing cost-effective, scalable solutions tailored to each client's unique needs.

Whether you need part-time assistance or a full-time Virtual Assistant working solely for you (or part-time, if that suits you better), we've got you covered. Each assistant is carefully selected to match your specific needs. With us, you'll work with the same individual throughout your partnership, allowing for a strong rapport and a deep understanding of your business requirements.

Outstanding English proficiency, a proactive work ethic, higher education, and a welcoming personality are key attributes we seek in our virtual assistants. Additionally, we guarantee they have a distraction-free workspace, a high-quality computer, and access to the latest cloud technologies. 

Our virtual assistant services cover an extensive range of tasks, limited only by what you can envision and instruct. A critical trait we prioritize is exceptional time management, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently with top-notch communication skills, both orally and in writing. We rigorously assess familiarity with the most frequently used tools before initiating our hiring process.

The capabilities of your VA extend as far as your creativity and training efforts go. Among the tasks our VAs have successfully handled are calendar and inbox management, conducting research, managing LinkedIn profiles for lead generation, creating and managing spreadsheets, updating and auditing websites, and enhancing online product listings. They are adept at maintaining prompt and professional communication with your clients. Furthermore, should you have any unique requirements, simply inform them, and they will strive to fulfill these tasks effectively.

Outsourcing virtual assistants offers numerous benefits. Many virtual assistants are passionate about their work, appreciating the chance to work from home, avoid daily commutes, and enjoy a preferred daytime work schedule. This enthusiasm often translates into high levels of job satisfaction among virtual assistants employed through Tactical, providing your business with dedicated and content support. Additionally, the substantial cost savings from employing virtual assistants can significantly contribute to your business's expansion. Another key advantage is the mental freedom gained from offloading tasks that drain your creativity. With this clear headspace, you're better positioned to conceive new ideas that can make your business run more smoothly and grow more effectively.
Our talent acquisition team closely monitors candidates, and we utilize advanced technology to verify that your employees begin and end their work as scheduled, ensuring you don't incur extra costs. Tactical meticulously screens and interviews candidates according to your specific needs, selecting the ideal match for your business. Once onboard, you have the opportunity to establish KPIs directly with the hired employee, tailoring their performance metrics to your business objectives.

Absolutely, we can facilitate the outsourcing of part-time employees tailored to your business or campaign needs, with a 20-hour weekly minimum.

We do it on your behalf. If employee(s) is not performing or reaching your KPIs, let us know and we’ll help performance manage them or terminate and replace them.

We do it on your behalf. If employee(s) is not performing or reaching your KPIs, let us know and we’ll help performance manage them or terminate and replace them.

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