The 6 Most Important On-page SEO Factors

On-page SEO consists of optimizing your website by implementing different strategies such as: quality content, keywords, titles, optimized URLs, images and other elements. Implementing the best practices of on-page SEO will help you to be well positioned in search engines, that is why in this article we explain the 6 most important factors of on-page SEO:


1. Quality content

The most important factor, the content we publish must be original, it can not be rewritten or copied from any other article, if you do the search engines can identify it and you could receive penalties such as low ranking or worse, in the non-indexing of the article.


2. Title tag

This is what the search engines use to know what your article is about, it is very important because without it the search engines will not be able to do a correct indexing of your web page, this tag should always be a h1 and should only be included one per page.


3. Meta description

It is located just below the title and url in the search results, it is a summary of what your website is about, it is very important that this summary is clear and adequately explain what your website is about, a good meta description will encourage users to make more clicks which will help to better position your website.


4. Proper formatting

It is very important to give an adequate format to our content, there can only be a h1, the other headings can be distributed in h2, h3, h4, h5 always developing a correct hierarchy from most to least important, it is also important that the paragraphs are short, as they are easier to read by users.


5. Use of images

It is good to offer varied and friendly content for the user because for search engines is very important the user experience, an effective way to do this is to include images relevant to the topic without forgetting to include our keywords as alt text of the images.


6. Optimized URLs

It is very important to include the keyword to which you are orienting your efforts in the url, this way google engines will be able to identify it correctly, you can also implement compound urls strategies to create specific categories for each relevant topics you want to deal with.



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